A Caregiver Story – Ashu Issar

The journey of a Caregiver – and why caregivers need support, companions, a Saathi.
What can you do as a well-wisher of a caregiver?

Ashu Issar, a.k.a. Kumud Kalia Issar speaks about her experience as a caregiver.

We look forward to your thoughts and views.
We also look forward to your help in spreading the word, nudging and supporting the caregivers you know… register on the website www.caregiversaathi.co.in

Caregiving is invisible, unrecognized, under-appreciated, under-served and deprioritized, often by Caregivers themselves.

When we share our stories we heal ❤️

One thought on “A Caregiver Story – Ashu Issar

  1. This is the story of millions of caregivers which has been brought out by Aashu. We need many many people to join the effort to support caregivers and caregiversaathi.com is the ideal platform to get involved

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