Addressing The Needs Of Caregivers In The Workplace

Author: Norbert Berta Alicea

“Employees who provide caregiving support are more likely to be distracted at work or take time off to deal with issues stemming from their caregiving responsibilities.”

Inevitably, the number of employees acting as caregivers will only increase over time. Caregivers  have to juggle pressure from work along with their duties as a caregiver. Caregiving is a universal reality, no career or company is immune to it.

Caregiving employees are likely to devote less time and energy to meet their own needs and  end up feeling more depressed and lonely. The further stress of juggling an innumerable amount of duties can lead to a less productive employee who is unable to work to their maximum potential.

“Employers can support their employees by providing access to services and resources that help take some of the weight off their shoulders, contributing to improved health and productivity as well as reduced costs.”

There are plenty of initiatives that companies can take to become better employers. Solid communication between employers and their caregiving employees will create a culture of awareness about the challenges these employees face. Organizations that are informed and sensitive to caregivers and provide them with resources, incentives, and support not only increase overall productivity but also reduces the burden on caregiving employees.

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