Original Publishing date: Unknown
Publisher: Home Care Assistance
AuthorCrystal Jo  (Registered Nurse and freelance writer) 

“Corporations can learn more about the reality of caregiving … Employer support helps employees stay focused and productive so that the employee can fulfill their responsibilities on the job and at home.” 

The article starts by acknowledging that while there are many benefits attached to being a caregiver, managing caregiving and professional work can still be a very tough job. 

“Being a dedicated employee and a dedicated caregiver is a double responsibility. Bearing this double responsibility can decrease an employee’s productivity by 18.5% or more”

So, what is the way out? Can a caregiver sacrifice the well-being of their loved ones and give priority to their work-life instead?  It turns out that while caregivers can take several steps to balance their lifestyle, at the same time, their employers too can play a big role in finding a solution. 

Employers can help by implementing multiple steps such as educating and training supervisors and managers on how caregiving can impact employees. 

Though these steps by the employers can be of great help, it remains crucial for the caregivers to understand their situation and take steps themselves which can help them balance their work-life and caregiving. Such steps can include taking paid leave and talking to employers and colleagues about their situation, 

Unless caregivers let people know what they are going through, they can’t expect those around them to support them in such tough times. These steps, along with all the other steps mentioned in the article can help relieve anxiety and allow a caregiver to balance their professional life and caregiving responsibilities.

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