Becoming A Caregiver

Date: October 31, 2019 
Publisher: American Cancer Society 

Family caregivers are crucial for a patient’s well being as they serve as home health aides. The article details the comforts and conflicts of caregiving and everything one needs to know before entering the caregiving journey.

It explains how diligent and overwhelming the role can be, provides resources to fall back on and emphasizes the importance of taking breaks and indulging in leisure activities. It is common to face depression as a caregiver but  recognizing and acknowledging symptoms and practicing stress-relaxation techniques may help. It’s a difficult job and some days one feel’s like giving up, it’s absolutely normal.

“Most importantly, don’t try to do it all yourself. Caregiving alone for any period of time is not realistic. Reach out to others…Set realistic limits on what you can do.”

It’s important to have shifts and take care of oneself while caregiving. If  children are involved, one will have to find support from trustworthy people or avoid being the primary caregiver.  Unpaid leaves, switching to part-time or quitting altogether may lead to financial instability. There will be times when one make mistakes, it’s important not to blame oneself, to forgive and move on.

Although this article talks about being a cancer caregiver, it is apt and relevant for caregivers of any terminal illness.

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