Caregivers Taking On The Role Of A Therapist

Original Publishing date: March 12, 2018
Publisher: Hindustan Times
Author: Mariyam Raza Haider

Patients who have a chronic, terminal or life debilitating condition not only suffer physically but mentally and emotionally too. For instance, a cancer patient is bound to feel low and depressed and hence their caregiver will have to support and provide them with emotional strength by having healthy conversations. The support provided by caregivers can keep cancer patients feeling positive.

It is in times like these that a caregiver’s role has to become that of a therapist. You need to maintain your composure, engage the patient in healthier conversations and initiate actions which can improve the patient’s emotional strength.”

In a way, caregivers become therapists to their loved ones. This article provides useful tips on how be sensitive and useful by also partially taking on the role of a therapist.

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