Caregiver Diaries-Episode 10

We bring to you the journey of an invisible warrior, a caregiver to her father, who suffers from not one illness, but three. Her father is her best friend and confidante, he is a civil engineer and is well-versed in a wide range of areas. When her father was diagnosed with cerebral atrophy as a result of dementia and then diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two years later, she felt her world come crumbling down. Her father’s health took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis in the brain, this lockdown.

“It’s no secret that caregivers often put their own lives in the backseat to provide the best care for their loved ones… a caregiver hardly thinks of it as a burden.”

When she had to move away for studies, it became difficult to deal with his illness and she felt a growing distance from her father. Despite these hurdles and illnesses thrown her way, what gives her hope, is waiting for a miracle.


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