We bring to you the journey of an invisible warrior, a caregiver to her father-in-law, who is in the last stage of Alzheimer’s. She shares her experience along with her husband, as they watch a strong, intelligent, independent man, with an active lifestyle who has retired from a high post, succumb to his illness. She talks about how this journey has made her realize that nothing in life is stable and she sees life as full of limitless opportunities of change.

Although she’s experienced a range of emotions throughout this journey of being a caregiver, she has come to realize, what an important role family plays in these tough times. Her family stands by her, with her and has been her strength through this period of caregiving.
She emphasizes on how important it is for caregivers to have a life of their own and how imperative it is to not cut off from other people and the world… “We hold each other’s hand as we individually wade our way through this painful pathway.”



Listen to the full podcast here:

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