We often think that moving in with your loved one who is ill, makes your caregiving journey far more easier.

Here is Rashmi’s story, an invisible warrior, who has been a caregiver to her father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over 10 years ago.

Packing up your bags and family to move in with your elderly parents, out of the blue, is never an easy task. It was not just her that was compensating and sacrificing things but her son and husband as well. Hear her talk about the stigma she faced, being a daughter but how with her husband as her backbone, she managed to stand her ground.

“The biggest takeaway and the largest lesson that this role has left me with is that this relationship has to be 80-20.” 


She says that as a caregiver, one should operate on the assumption that they need to be more accommodating 80% of the time and expect things to go their way only 20% of the time.

Listen to the full podcast here-

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