Welcome to the 14th episode of Caregiver Diaries!

Here is a story about an invisible warrior, who is a caregiver to her mother, who underwent 2 surgeries at the age of 72 and her husband who suffered from 2 strokes in the span of two years, while also caring for her sister who lost her husband 3 years ago. Just like any of us, she also goes through low points emotionally, where she feels sad and regrets not being able to do the things she enjoys with her family. She realizes that accepting and making peace with the fact that your life does change drastically when you’re in charge of someone’s life and caring for them, helps a whole lot.

“I’ve realized that the more you question it and wonder why this happened, you’ll never be able to accept it and that’s when the bitterness starts setting in.”

Acceptance, understanding and a whole lot of support from both sides of the family, is what helps her through these tough times. Hear her talk about her on-going experience and how accepting what life throws your way, goes a long way!


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