Caregiver Diaries – Episode 2

We often associate an adult with taking on the responsibility of caregiving… In our second episode, we bring to you the story of an invisible warrior who started her caregiving journey at the young age of 10. Growing up, she was closest to her grandmother. After the death of her father, her grandmother took to bed. Between ensuring she went to school and taking care of her grandmother full – time, she became her primary caregiver for 4 years.
This was not the end of her caregiving journey.. Living in a joint family made her responsible for caring for her uncle and aunt who also took to bed with terminal diseases. A few years following that, her mother suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest and needed full time care till her recovery.

Our invisible warrior shares with us the impacts of early caregiving on her adult life. She talks about the constant dilemma between taking care of her family and taking time out for herself.

2 thoughts on “Caregiver Diaries – Episode 2

  1. This caregiver needs to learn to take care of herself. She must also live her life, start living happily….she has lost her childhood, and almost stopped living her own life youthfully.. she seems to have been seeing only illness around her from tender age. My heart goes out to her. May God Bless Her All Happinesses and Joys Forever rest of her life.

  2. Here’s my heartfelt respect to the young girl being a longtime primary caregiver for her kins one by one, wonder girl’s journey began at the age of ten, stepping into the age of teens . I wonder how she got the inner power or she was entrusted with the task by the seniors , her studies, childhood play, own wishes are pressed underneath. I believe she will be a true humanist, she will cross every hurdle with determination, resilience, autonomy and will be blessed with the lady with a candle 🕯️.

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