Caregiver Diaries – Episode 4

This episode of Caregiver Diaries is the story of our invisible warrior, Manu. Being HIV positive, Manu has had to take extra precautions for her health and safety during this pandemic.

In the midst of lockdown, Manu learnt that her eighty year old father suffered from a fall and had to be rushed to the hospital. Without thinking twice, Manu packed her bags, bought a PPE kit and flew from Bangalore to Delhi to be there for her father.

“I feel like having HIV gives me a lot of strength. I feel like what could be worse than losing my entire self and everything I have and then coming back? The people around me today and all the time that I have are a bonus..”

Unable to find a conclusive diagnosis for her father’s grave condition, Manu spent nights at the hospital. She was worried about her own health as well. After all, she was a caregiver – she could not afford to fall sick. She had to be there for her family. The doctors repeatedly told her that there was no hope. Her father was too ill to be treated. But Manu stayed calm, focused and determined…

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