Caregiver Diaries – Episode 5

Lavanya’s caregiving journey started with an immense love for animals. She believes that caregiving comes from the desire of wanting to help people or animals without any qualms.

She describes her journey as a foster parent to several cats and speaks up about the importance of having a strong social support system. She emphasises on the fact that whether an individual is a caregiver to a child, adult or animal, taking care of one’s own well-being should be of utmost priority.

“In caregiving it is important to be able to give yourself wholly to the one you are taking care of and your own health reflects the kind of care you deliver to your loved one”. 

She talks about her dog, Buddy, who she describes as her biggest success in her caregiving journey. Her greatest pleasure has been to see Buddy flourish into a friendly dog and to watch him overcome his anxiety. In fact, Lavanya’s favorite form of self-care is spending time with her foster pets!
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