Caregiver Diaries – Episode 6

Our invisible warrior has worked as a qualified psychologist at a Healthcare NGO for the last 15 years. She reflects back on her childhood and shares her journey of being abandoned by her parents, only to grow up under the love and care of her grandmother and aunt.

Her first experience as a caregiver was to her grandmother, who passed away six years ago. She is now a primary caregiver to her aunt as well as to her father. She opens up about feeling lost and frustrated at times, when she can’t do things for herself.

“Everyday it’s just house work, office work, back home, looking after the home again and again. I was beginning to forget who I was and what I wanted.. and I just wanted a break…”

She also shares with us her emotions of taking care of her father, who she never knew while growing up and with whom she does not share a relationship with.

To listen to the full podcast here:

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