Caregiver Diaries – Episode 7

Much like a large percentage of women in India, our invisible warrior too has the responsibility of managing the household chores and taking care of her two daughters.

Her husband, Ravi, has a job in sales where he travels a lot and  is only home on the weekends. Our invisible warrior tries to manage the stress of running the house on her own as she doesn’t want to bother him when he comes home.

Ravi’s sister lives in Boston, and his mother was staying alone and so he asked her to move in with them. She mentions that his mother never liked her much as she preferred Ravi to marry someone within the same caste but Ravi and she were in love and their parents had to agree.

“I keep thinking of all my dreams, my ambitions, on some days…on many days. I wish there was someone who would listen to me, understand me and comfort me..” 

She reminisces about her college days, her aspirations and her desire to run her own home-based business, but the challenges of caregiving and the responsibilities of taking care of the house make it difficult for her to take out time to pursue the same.

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