Caregiver Saathi and Who We Are – Stories of Strength With Bhavana Issar


“So long as we are holding hands, so long as we are a community, we will find light at the end of this very dark tunnel”


Foundation of Caregiver Saathi (0:00 –1:11)

Bhavana talks about the origins of Caregiver Saathi, and discusses the Healthcare system in India, and  the lack of care provided for hard working caregivers. She speaks about the aim of Caregiver Saathi to provide support and care for caregivers.

Community of Caregivers(1:12 – 2:00)

Bhavana talks about Caregiver Saathi being an “Academy for Caregivers”, a place that caregivers could gather, share their stories and be a part of a community, as well as gain knowledge on becoming caregivers.

Resources and Programs offered by Caregiver Saathi(2:01- 6:40)

Bhavana talks about the volunteer program run by Caregiver Saathi and all the other training programs conducted and resources offered, such as:

  • Webinars and Support Groups
  • Coaching and Counselling
  • Care for professionals who are suffering from secondary trauma or an emotional burnout.
  • Care for those who have experienced grief, after the loss of a loved one – things such as grief counselling and post bereavement care.
  • Verified Resources – Regarding COVID – things such as hospital beds, ambulances, medicines etc.
  • Educational Resources – Regarding COVID – for informative purposes.

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Source: OneIndia Campaign – DailyHunt

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