Caregiver Stress and How to Deal With It

Original Publishing Date: 25 February 2014
Publisher: Kelowna Capital News
Author: Marjorie Horne

“The inevitable path of end of life care is that you will lose that person you love. As you move through that process, your journey will change and shift and ultimately be more challenging.”

The author talks about the struggle that a caregiver encounters in their caregiving journey. It can be extremely frustrating and challenging for a caregiver to see their loved one’s condition continuously decline as time passes by. Marjorie takes a leaf out of her own book as she describes the squabbles she would have with her mother and the underlying grief behind it all as they tried to come to terms with her anticipated demise. It can be very painful for a caregiver to know that there is very little time left with their loved one and that nothing can be done. This can result in caregiver stress and it is important to seek help to deal with it.

“Frustration and being overwhelmed can enter the picture as a relative’s condition is worsening despite your best efforts…. I understand the faith it takes to keep going some days.”

She also describes the  symptoms of caregiver stress and the different ways to deal with it. Marjorie emphasizes the importance of open communication and not trying to micro-manage every aspect of taking care of the loved one. She discusses the significance of self-care as taking time for oneself to rejuvenate can make all the difference in the world. A caregiver should not leave their social life behind in the journey of becoming a caregiver. Especially, in trying times talking to a friend can make the struggle seem bearable. Finally, she ends by reminding caregivers that it is okay to express the pent- up grief and it is important to let it out.

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