Caregiving To Dementia Patients Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

Original Publishing date: March 2020
Publisher: Alzheimer’s Association

“Most likely, dementia does not increase risk for COVID-19, just like dementia does not increase risk for flu. However, dementia-related behaviors, increased age and common health conditions that often accompany dementia may increase risk.”

This article provides useful tips for caregivers of patients with dementia at home or in a nursing home and tips for the caregivers safety.

Although dementia doesn’t increase the risk of COVID-19, people with dementia may forget to wash their hands or follow other guidelines to prevent the spread.

Some steps that can be followed by dementia caregivers at home include a) making written reminders to support hygienic practices, b) using hand sanitizer as an alternative if required and c) filling out prescriptions for longer to avoid frequent trips to the pharmacy.

Increased confusion can often be the first symptom of an illness. The caregiver should contact a healthcare professional if the patient shows rapidly increasing confusion.

The caregivers should not visit the nursing homes or other facilities if they have any symptoms of illness. Some nursing homes may not allow visitors. In that case caregivers can contact the facility for alternatives to have contact with their family member.

Lastly, it is important for the caregiver to take care of their own health as well. They should follow basic hygienic practices while paying close attention to any symptoms.

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