Caring For Those Who Care – Erica

“The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your attitude”

Erica is a doting mother of two, a loving wife and a caregiver for her husband, Jack, who was recently re-diagnosed with a recurrent brain tumor. The impact – a declining memory and drastic personality changes, leaving him a shell of the person he once was.

Cancer catches you off guard, unprepared, and takes you for a ride, as initially, caregiving took over her life. She now juggles roles –  Jack gets the fulfillment of contributing at home, using alarms to focus on tasks at hand. As a mother, ensuring that her husband’s cancer does not haunt every aspect of her life she uses her sparse free time to play with her kids, and do mundane, “Mom” activities. That is when she’s not thinking about cancer…she is free to forget, to embrace and enjoy the present.

She also takes care of herself; drawing inspiration from triathlon and other triathletes. Running for her is cathartic, it’s her safe space where she can process and understand her emotions, which helps her take care of herself better.

Being a caregiver is not your identity, it’s merely a part of it.

If you can identify with this story, please share it with others who care for someone. The feeling of understanding, not being alone and access to support is what keeps caregivers going.

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