Conversations with Gentle Warriors: Episode 6 – Shobit




Caregiver Saathi brings to you Conversations with Gentle Warriors! A series of our Facebook LIVE sessions where caregivers share their caregiving journeys, now in a podcast format.

Welcome to the 6th episode of Conversations with Gentle Warriors.

In this episode we get to meet Shobit, who was a caregiver to his father suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. He shares his experience with us, and extends his hand to help support anyone going through the same thing as he did.

He talks about the few initiatives there are in India to support caregivers, and about the neglected and unrecognised nature of caregiving. He expresses all the stages he went through since they found out about the diagnosis, and talks about the shock he faced, with the underlying feeling of hope for a better situation. He shares the struggles faced by his family, and especially his mother, while he saw his father fight the illness the best he could.

“Caregiving fundamentally, though there is a primary caregiver, it is fundamentally, when it comes to a family, should be a shared responsibility.”

He talks about the importance of shared responsibility in a family, and about how him and his siblings had their mothers back, supported her, and helped out in different areas in which they were strong in.

“I think it’s important, for family, for caregivers to ensure that they stay strong, stay hopeful, and stay positive in this journey”

He refers to support and hope as something being necessary especially since illnesses such as these bring out situations filled with uncertainty. He also mentions some of the things that help him cope with the struggles he faced.

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