Conversations with Gentle Warriors: Episode 7 – Smriti



Caregiver Saathi brings to you Conversations with Gentle Warriors! A series of our Facebook LIVE sessions where caregivers share their caregiving journeys, now in a podcast format.

Welcome to the 7th episode of Conversations with Gentle Warriors.

This time on Conversations with Gentle Warriors we will hear from Smriti, a gentle warrior who was a caregiver to her mother who suffered from stage 4 breast cancer. She shares her personal experience with caregiving and talks about the need for caregivers to be able to share their stories.

“When you share, you share your burdens, your emotions with others and it makes it better”

She talks about society today and how it is important to normalise sharing experiences and stories related to caregiving. She speaks about caregiver exhaustion and compassion fatigue that caregivers experience, and about how it remains unnoticed and unacknowledged in our society today.

Smriti takes us through the struggles she faced, as her mother’s conditioned worsened, and as her journey became harder. She talks about the importance in sharing the workload and sharing responsibilities in a family while caregiving so that there is enough time to look after oneself.

“Reaching out to people who can guide you through your emotions is a very good step, so take that, don’t be hesitant. Don’t be hesitant of loving yourself, taking some time off for yourself.”

She mentions the ups and downs she faced in her caregiving journey and talks about how her journey has helped her become more empathetic and patient in the things that she does. She talks about the struggles she experienced due to covid and the support she received from those around her.

She also shares some of her key learnings from this experience and offers advice for other caregivers who are on their journey.

To hear more about Smriti’s caregiving journey, listen here

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Sharing your story helps understand yourself — feelings, passions, hopes. It lightens the load and offers relief from loneliness, anxiety, anger or guilt. Our experiences and hopes can benefit others – to know that the challenges are the same, learn new ways to cope and care… they aren’t alone but part of a team.

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