Coping with Unappreciated Caregiving

Publisher: Daily caring
Author: DailyCaring Editorial Team

“When you choose to be a caregiver, it is important to do it for your own reasons and not for appreciation or recognition from anyone else.”

Caregivers often feel unappreciated which not only increases the stress during their journey but also leads to burnout. As a caregiver, one rarely receives appreciation, hence, it is better to tackle this feeling of being unappreciated in different effective ways. These methods can keep one feeling healthy, both mentally and physically.  Firstly, it is important to understand why a loved one is unable to show appreciation. This could be because they are already in so much pain or  they could be resentful of you helping them as they may find it unnecessary.

“Caregiving is by nature a thankless job. Rewarding yourself is another way to keep feeling positive about all the good you’re doing.”

Taking out some time for self-care, acknowledging little achievements and appreciating oneself are various ways to tackle feelings of under-appreciation.  Being the tiring and unrecognized job that caregiving is, it becomes important to reward oneself in whichever way possible. Buying supplies for a hobby or just hiring someone for respite care can be a way of appreciating all that one does as a caregiver. If a loved one or family member does not seem to be appreciative of the caregiving responsibility, there is no harm in expressing it in a light-hearted way with the help of a joke. Sharing more information about your journey can help your family members empathize with you on a much deeper level.

“The way you feel about yourself and how you talk to yourself has a bigger impact than what anyone else says.”

The best way to ask for appreciation is by appreciating others first. Even if it made only a small impact on your day, let them know it made a difference. On the other hand, it is also important to remember caregiving was a choice made by you for your own reasons and not for being recognized. Moreover, if it was not your choice, there are other options for your loved one. The act of caregiving does not stand out because it does not create issues, but only comforts the loved one and other family members.

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