Dealing with COVID-19 at Home


Original publishing date: 25-04-2021
Publisher: India Covid SOS

This document and infographic, provides tips for the everyday person who may be affected by COVID-19. A clear understanding of what to do in each situation while dealing with COVID-19 is depicted here.

The symptoms and treatments of the virus are described here and what to do at each stage as the virus progresses is also mentioned. This document puts together many ways that good health can be maintained at home, as well as what needs to be done if the virus takes a more serious turn.

The ways that we can monitor our own symptoms at home to check if we have COVID-19 are mentioned, and the need for isolation and a regular check of oxygen levels in the body using oximeters are also stated. In addition, methods to increase oxygen concentration in the body such as hydration and lying on your stomach are provided. Different types of medication that can be taken after consultation with a doctor are also described here.

The tips given are based on highly researched and widely accepted guidelines published by global and international health organisations.

Keep in mind that these are just tips and suggestions, and are for educational purposes only.

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