Dementia Care During COVID19: Taking Precautions and Planning Ahead


Original Publishing Date – May 7, 2020
Publisher – Dementia Care Notes

“No one is certain how long the restrictions and challenges posed by COVID-19 and related preventive measures will continue…caregivers can build an information base and skills to handle it better and also find ways to tap others for help selectively when needed.”

Older adults suffering from dementia are easily disoriented by the changes in their immediate surroundings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Caregivers need to help them adjust to new conditions. Creating a daily routine based on old routine will make them feel comfortable because of predictability.

“The family needs to prepare for the tele-consultation by gathering the case history, recent prescription, test reports, their current problem and their questions.”

As a caregiver, one must plan for adequate medical support for the dementia patient when required. Some pharmacies even home-deliver medicines but not everyone might have access to such a service. Since movement is restricted because of social distancing, tele-consultations can be used to communicate with a doctor. At the same time, precautions must be taken at home to maintain hygiene by washing hands and sanitizing the home regularly.

“Some organizations now provide equivalent support through online/ phone initiatives…support meetings using Skype or Zoom or other platforms, and provide more information through phone.”

Since physical help is not possible, technology can be used to get help in such a situation. Few organisations for dementia care now provide online or phone services. An advantage of this is that the service can be extended to anyone in the world. Others can also help caregivers and their patients by providing them with phone counselling, contacts of reliable doctors, and online support groups.

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