Mental Health At The Workplace :The Why And How Of It..

Original Publishing Date: 24th October,2019
Ascend – Harvard Business Review
Dr. T.Rajgopal

Studies reveal that poor mental health is becoming a significant concern at the workplace and more than half the workforce has never discussed it at work. In this article, Dr. T. Rajgopal, Vice President, Global Medical and Occupational Health for Unilever talks about this area. He emphasizes on the how and when to start the discussion at the workplace for both employees and managers.

“Opening up about your mental health can feel very intimidating for a variety of reasons, and creating an inclusive culture at work requires a lot of intention and deliberate effort.”

While the decision to talk about these issues can be a personal choice, when it starts to affect your performance it is probably enough reason to discuss it with your manager. By discussing with your manager, you may not get an immediate solution, but you can expect some help and concern. As a manager, one should initiate these discussions openly and offer assistance to anyone who may seem to be dealing with mental health issues. In case it’s your manager who seems to have some issues, showing some empathy and sensitively offering support may help. The manager should freely discuss specific issues with the team so that they are prepared and know when to offer support.

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