Fund Raiser – Center for Rehabilitation for Caregivers

Very often Caregivers, especially women who are caregivers, tend to put their lives on hold for their caregiving responsibilities. Apart from the psycho-social and mental health implications, this impacts their ability to be financially independent and find meaning and purpose once the caregiving is over. They need respite, time and contemporary skills to find purpose, meaning and rehabilitation from the secondary trauma that they carry.

While the Respite care providers spend time with the ailing, the caregivers need a space where they can get psycho-social support, financial and legal aid, an opportunity to build skills and build financial security for themselves.
We are looking to build 6 such centers in Mumbai.

The operational costs of running the space are INR 250,000 per center per month, which includes the cost of renting the premises, the equipment and trained staff of center manager, trainers and psychologists.

Cost per center per year = INR 30,00,000
Year 1: 1 center
Year 2: 2 centers
Year 3: 3 centers
Total Project cost = INR 1,80,00,000 over 3 years

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