Fund Raiser – Respite Care for Caregivers

As per our research and experience of running support groups, we find that caregivers have multiple challenges in seeking support for themselves, especially mental health support. We are working at the intersection of stereotypes for women, public perception / stigma of mental health and socio-cultural norms of caregiving – each of which is a huge challenge by itself – and an intersection of all three, that make this problem extremely complex.

In addition to creating sensitivity and awareness about caregivers, caregiving, secondary trauma and the need for their healing, it is critical that we reach the caregivers where they are and provide them with respite care before they can create the time and mental strength to take professional help.

Caregivers have a typical mindset of being responsible, trustworthy and able to provide compassionate care, especially for elderly, or those with critical conditions or terminal illness. It is usually very difficult to find caretakers / attendants who have these credentials, and that too at short notice, or at a reasonable price.

We are looking at building a pool of early retirees, home makers or young adults who can provide respite care for 4 hours so that the caregiver can get a break, attend a support group meeting, attend classes for skill-building or attend rehabilitation sessions.

Content development and delivery and operational support = INR 400,000

Recruitment seminars for a pool of 1000 will need an outreach to 6000, cost of these seminars = INR 600,000

The training for the pool of respite care providers is expected to cost INR 4000 per person.

We are looking at creating a pool of 1000 such Respite Care providers who will be mapped for the city of Mumbai over the year 2020.

Total cost of capacity building = INR 40,00,000

The respite care services will be offered at a subsidized cost to the caregivers. This will be a certification program and the participants will be expected to partially fund it over a period of time. As we build the awareness and understanding of this service, it is expected to be self-sustaining.

This project is expected to cost INR 50,00,000

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