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  1. Fund Raiser by Madhusudan Bagree for Caregiver Saathi
Tata Mumbai Half Marathon – 19th January 2020

I am running the Tata Mumbai half marathon in support of Caregiver Saathi (, a noble mission, started by my batchmate, Bhavana Issar. They care for, empower and support “the caregiver“, who undergoes significant trauma while tending to those with terminal and chronic conditions or geriatric care. Unfortunately, not many people realize there is a massive unaddressed population who needs this help. Imagine a nutritionist at a pediatric cancer ward or a housewife tending to terminally ill parents while taking care of everything else around her! There are many more such instances which go by unnoticed and neglected…

When I broached a potential fundraise with her, two aspects came up. One was that she was looking at building a basic centre from where the caregiver empowerment and support activities could be carried out (out of her house presently) and the second is that they still do not have an 80G and so this donation won’t get a tax break.

So do keep those in mind. The annual expenses for the centre would be about Rs 15,00,000. 

Please contribute wholeheartedly to get this enterprise a home to help it grow and spread the good work.


  • Please choose the “Support Fundraiser” in the Donation Purpose.
  • Caregiver Saathi can receive payments only in INR.


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Rs. 17,41,538/- of Rs. 15,00,000/- raised by 155 contributors as on 24 Jan 2020…

Thank you! 



About Myself: I am a finance professional by career but the balance in my life comes from what I do outside my work life. That would include my love for reading books, listening to music, following a fair bit of sports (football, tennis and F1), watching movies and of course running. Over the past few years I would have been running approximately a little over a 1000 kms a year. In recent years, I have taken up some social causes, mostly around education and related subjects and this will likely see more initiatives in the back half of my journey.

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