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Fund Raiser by Rohit Unni for Caregiver Saathi

Tata Mumbai Half Marathon – 19th January 2020


Running with passion for what I am passionate about! Support my cause as caregiving is invisible, unrecognized, underappreciated, underserved and de-prioritized. I have seen the stark reality of a caregiver’s struggle from close quarters, with many family members and friends. This is my way of supporting Caregiver Saathi, be a saathi to caregivers by promoting this great initiative through my runs …

Satara Marathon 25 Aug 2019

Vasai Virar Run 2019 and now

Tata Mumbai Marathon 19th Jan 2020

I run because I love not just crossing the finish line, but the journey. Running is about the sweat in my hair, the blisters in my feet, frozen spit in my chin, nausea in my gut, throbbing calves and cramps at night that are strong to wake the dead. It’s about getting out of the door and running when the rest of the world is dreaming, about having the passion you need to live each day. There is only one life and it is this one and there is only this heart & it is full and giving.

Caregiver Saathi ( is looking to building a basic centre from where the caregiver empowerment and support activities could be carried out (out of her house presently) and the second is that they still do not have an 80G and so this donation won’t get a tax break.

So do keep those in mind. The annual expenses for the centre would be about Rs 15,00,000. 

For more details and work done so far,  visit their website

Please contribute wholeheartedly to get this enterprise a home to help it grow and spread the good work.


  • Please choose the “Fundraiser – Rohit Unni” in the Donation Purpose.
  • Caregiver Saathi can receive payments only in INR.



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Rs. 17,41,538/- of Rs. 15,00,000/- raised by 155 contributors as on 24 Jan 2020…

Thank you! 



About Rohit Unni

An astute marketing and brand strategist by profession with an inclination towards sport right from my childhood days. Cricket has always been a passion and has taught me the discipline and dedication. Life’s biggest regret has been that I could not pursue my passion towards this sport. It all started four years back when I took up running as a way to beat the work life blues. I realized that I was enjoying this whole new phase of running away and yet staying focused to my goals . I look forward waking at 5 am in the morning and pushing myself that extra mile. Sunday mornings are like my exams wherein I love to perform, beat my personal best and aim for more.