Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self – Summary Report, 29th February 2020

Heal Thy Self is a space for caregivers to meet, share, learn, support, heal and discover well-being. The last session was conducted on 29th February 2020, Saturday and focused on understanding a caregiver’s needs  and how well-wishers can help them.

The session began with understanding their reasons for attending the meeting and what they expected from it. This was followed by an exercise where they all thanked and congratulated themselves for having taken out time from their caregiving duties. A creative expression of feelings was fostered by asking them to express themselves through music and meditation.

In an exercise, they were asked to recognize three people they could approach for help and two things they needed in life from them. For sharing their experiences and feelings with other caregivers, they were first divided into pairs to make the experience more personal and comfortable and were then asked to interact with the whole group.

One of the participants expressed that they had met new people after 32 years. Some young caregivers also shared how their role as a caregiver was met with a casual approach by people as compared to older caregivers. The session concluded with participants holding hands with each other in a “Healing Circle” and expressing their feelings and gratitude at the end.

Details of our next support group meeting will be announced soon.

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