Healthcare In Rural India

Original Publishing Date: 24/02/2017
Publisher: THE WIRE
Author: Deepanshu Mohan

Proper healthcare recognizes quality, not quantity, as the key to better care, better health, and reduced costs. In India public healthcare, especially in rural areas, has always been a low priority. India continuously struggles to cope with the healthcare requirements of the country’s exploding population. The medical attention required puts a relentless pressure on the system, hospitals, professionals who do not have sufficient investments, equipment, facilities, and training. With uniquely designed healthcare policies, India will be able to safeguard the livelihoods of all its citizens.

“Rather than merely building public clinics, there should be a focus on measuring access to high-quality healthcare in rural areas.”

Poor living and working conditions, irregular medicine supply, unstable infrastructure, professional isolation and the excessive administration work are some challenges faced by the healthcare professionals in rural areas. One aspect of healthcare that is widely ignored in rural India is patient education. Individuals must have the ability to play an active role in their treatment and payment options. Open discussions and communications alongside well-thought policies are key to reducing waste in our healthcare system.

This article efficiently discusses challenges in the rural healthcare facilities and talks about various policies that could be introduced to solve these challenges.

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