Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self – 10th October 2020 – Summary Report

This support meeting was held via Zoom due to the current pandemic. The focus was on the challenges caregivers are facing during this uncertain time and how we can together overcome them. Kumud, an erstwhile caregiver, facilitated the support group meeting.
All seven participants took turns to introduce themselves and shed light on how caregiving is hard during the current situation. Members could relate to how one feels anxious and tends to lose patience due to the uncertainty.
Kumud brought to notice how each one spoke more about the loved ones and barely discussed one’s own needs. A member mentioned how difficult it is to answer questions like, “What do I want?” and “Who am I?”, after keeping other’s needs above oneself for so long. In the second half of the meeting, members focused on how they can spend more time and shift the focus on ‘self’.
After a breathing exercise of 5 minutes, the meeting ended with caregivers sharing how they were feeling at the moment. They mentioned how the emphasis on the need to look after oneself and to be kind to our own mind, has encouraged them to do so.

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