Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self – August 1st 2020 – Summary Report

Due to the pandemic the support group meeting continued to be held via zoom. Alisha Advani, an active caregiver herself, took the initiative to moderate the group adding another layer of perspective. Alisha initiated various discussions on the stress due to caregiving and ways to cope with these. Participants explored their most stressful situations and their responses. Others could relate to the situations and the  precautionary measures and coping mechanisms they adopted.

The objective of sharing their own story and  gaining strength from each other’s collective experiences was met. One caregiver shared how her extended family was her biggest strength while another spoke about the challenge of dealing with everything themselves, for the loved one and the Caregiver. The session also had reflections on how in hindsight, they would do things differently and sharing activities that made them happy.

A key takeaway was that support systems built through social interactions are essential. This support system can consist of friends, neighbors and extended family.

You are not alone and don’t need to be lonely in your caregiving journey. Take out the time for your rejuvenation and join our next meeting.

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