Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self – August 29th 2020 – Summary Report

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the support group meeting took place via zoom. Nabiya,a long-distance caregiver to her brother, hosted the meeting. She initiated the conversation with a warm introduction followed by a brief description of her caregiving journey. Participants followed her example and expressed the struggles they faced. Others were able to relate to the speaker and expressed their condolences and support. Different mechanisms of coping were openly shared without judgment.

The participants shared  moments of joy while caregiving, their fears and their own self-care methods.

The meeting concluded with a ten-minute session of mediation.  Everyone felt calm and relaxed after the session.  These platforms are able to integrate caregivers all over the world and provide them a safe space where they are understood, supported, and encouraged.

We are together in this caregiving journey where our constant ups and downs can be shared without the fear of judgment or prejudice from other fellow members. Make sure you prioritize self-care and take time out to join our next meeting.

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