Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self – Summary Report, April 18th 2020

Our last online support group meeting was held on Saturday, 18th April. At the start , everyone tuned in to their feelings and they shared them with the group.

Initially, each participant discussed what was currently emotionally draining them and what steps they were taking to cope. Caregivers shared how the COVID-19 pandemic was stressful but they listened to music, practiced creative activities and spent quality time with family to feel better.

Decision-making, the feeling of self-doubt about situations emerged as a real concern. Everyone shared their own experiences on dealing with this anxiety and discussed how over thinking can lead to worrying about something that hasn’t even happened. A few solutions to overcome anxious thoughts were discussed and specific action points were developed. These included categorization of decisions by urgency and criticality, clubbing them into do-it-yourself vs. seeking expert help, reminding self about good decisions of the past, validation from “sensible” friends who have experience and knowing that no one can be perfect. Most decisions allow a course correction anyway.

While sharing personal experiences and memories, everyone agreed that instead of trying to prepare for something that hasn’t occurred, one can take concrete steps to focus on the present moment by taking one day at a time.

The support group meeting ended with everyone describing their current state in a word to assess their transition of mood. By the end of the session, the participants generally felt supported, not alone, relaxed and even relieved to share their thoughts.

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