HEALTHY SELF – HEAL THY SELF – (Summary Report) January 4th, 2020



Caregiver Saathi, as part of Heal Thy Self – a space to meet, share, learn, support, heal and discover well-being, conducted a session on Saturday, 4th January 2020. This session focused on “Understanding Aging and Related Conditions”. Participants who joined us for this session were from various age groups and were either active or erstwhile caregivers.

Following introduction and briefing about the purpose of the meeting, a safe environment was established which encouraged participants to open up about their caregiving journey. With calming background music playing, participants engaged in activities like drawing followed by mindful breathing.

Talking about how stressful it is to be a caregiver more than once in a lifetime, when things do not work according to plan, a participant shared how at one point she could not find the will to live anymore. It was in the support group meeting that she could finally vent out and discuss the pain, anger, shame and guilt that came with the notion of missing out on her youth. Another participant related to it and put out her thoughts on why it is alright to desire to live a different life, for oneself, while sharing her life experiences.

Participants felt lighter having shared stories of caregiving and relating to what others in the group went through. The group also explored the importance of crying, letting out emotions and seeking help. They affirmed that as the support group meeting brought together people with similar experiences, it provided a feeling of belongingness, that one isn’t alone in this journey. The non-judgmental setting provided a space for all to discuss feelings that are seldom addressed. They expressed the will to be part of future support group meetings.

We wound up with an exercise where the group held hands in a circle and acknowledged each other through eye contact. The meeting concluded with participants expressing gratitude to each other.

In our next support group meeting we will focus on the challenges of caregiving. This will be a healing session to support and encourage each other.

Get yourself registered to be a part of this uplifting experience!

To register, call/message Anjali Pillai on 8108642978

Venue: A4104, Oberoi Exquisite, Aba Karmarkar Road, Goregaon (East), Mumbai – 400063.

Date: 18th January, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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One thought on “HEALTHY SELF – HEAL THY SELF – (Summary Report) January 4th, 2020

  1. I, being once a caregiver, am overwhelmed with the noble meet held on 4th January to make the caregivers feel that they are not isolated. It is high time to advocate the value of the role of primary caregiver , an offstage warrior. In our society primary caregiver specially the women dedicate themselves to caring husband or sons or daughters without self-care which becomes the risk of vulnerability. So Heal Thy Self meeting deserves praiseworthy and relevant.
    Here’s my heartiest greetings and regards to Caregiversathi.

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