HEALTHY SELF – HEAL THY SELF – Summary Report of 8th February, 2020 meeting

Caregiver Saathi’s support group meeting ‘Heal Thy Self’  is a space to meet, share, learn, support, heal and discover well-being.

We had the last session on Saturday, 8th February 2020. This session focused on “The Joys and Challenges of  a Caregiver’s life”. Participants of this support group meeting included caregivers of people suffering from pathological mental health and Neurological conditions as well as former caregivers.  Caregivers shared that they often felt a need for a ear to listen to them without being judgemental and after the meeting, they felt better.

The participants were divided into a group of three to make the conversations more personal and interactive.  Each participant was asked to share with their group how they felt and what they needed  from this support group meeting.  Quite a few of them shared an in-depth experience of  their journey and how caregiving is taking a toll on their life. The participants also talked about how difficult is it is to find time for themselves and how they are often judged by their  immediate circle of family and friends. Caregivers also realized that it is necessary to talk about the grief of losing a loved one and the journey of being a caregiver to them. One of the participants shared, how they had to play multiple roles in the family after losing a loved one.

We are often unprepared for the caregiver’s responsibility as it falls into our lap unannounced. The fear of being a caregiver in the future was also addressed by some of the participants. One of the participants also said they felt comfortable about sharing something which they have never shared before. It was a great moment when the caregivers mentioned they were making efforts to take a break from their caregiving routine. Participants also exchanged information that can be resourceful to each other and conveyed that they look forward to the next support group meeting.

Details of the next support group meeting will be announced shortly.

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