How Can Doctors Protect Their Families From Coronavirus


“Using appropriate precautions at work can help minimize risk and exposure to COVID-19 patients and, in turn, can protect families too.”

The rising cases of COVID-19 is worrying to healthcare professionals as they may also carry the virus home. Some of them have taken drastic steps like only seeing their family through the window or video calls while others take a shower and change clothes before heading back home.

Dr. Rupp, MD, professor and chief of the infectious diseases division at the University of Nebraska Medical Center shares some tips for Physicians and Healthcare professionals to continue protecting their families when they return home from service.

Firstly it is important to take the right precautions at work. Institutions must provide safe working conditions and provide all the necessary equipments like the appropriate respiratory protection, gowns, gloves, droplet protection, and N95 or higher respiratory protection.

Wearing all necessary protection, following proper hand hygiene, and not touching one’s face are the few important things that  can be done to stay safe and avoid carrying the virus back home. Following these simple rules can decrease the chances of infecting others.

Many of the physicians change clothes just before they enter their homes as a precaution. A normal laundry should help disinfect clothes. It is best to also avoid sharing  utensils, plates, cups and, bowls.

“During these hard times, a physician’s family is key to maintaining optimal mental health”

Judicious social distancing is to be maintained but rather than isolate oneself it is important to be connected with family to maintain one’s mental health during these uncertain times.

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