How can we help the elderly get through COVID times

“Most of us are worried for our loved ones that are older and living far away from us… For millions of elderly COVID-19 has amplified their already-existing worries.”

Due to the pandemic, everyone is facing uncertain times especially the elderly. The elderly are at a higher risk of infection and due to lockdowns and restrictions are also socially disconnected.

Checking up on them via phone calls, messages and video calls will help stay connected to them. Leaving them a note or dropping carefully cooked food at their doorstep also shows them that people around them care.

The elderly may also find it difficult to go out and do their shopping so running errands for them or ordering groceries and medication online can help them.

While social distancing is a must, we must ensure that we don’t practice social isolation. Teaching them how to use technology to connect with their loved ones can make them feel less lonely.

At this time they may need access to doctors too, however, this should be avoided unless necessary, and where possible telemedicine/ tele-consults should be used.

Lastly, all emergency contacts must be made available to them and one reliable individual must be identified to help them.

While these are issues that have come up due to the pandemic, they can be easily implemented even otherwise to ensure our elderly are well looked after and remain healthy for years to come.

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