How & When to Say No to Prevent Physician Burnout

“Important to look back on how you got into the commitments … They don’t remember saying yes, but they know for sure they never said no…”

Physicians are trained to help people right away even if it does not benefit them or overloads them with work, this tendency to never refuse a task creates an imbalance between work and life. Many times, they don’t remember the exact point at which they became burdened with tasks.

 “Say no right away but don’t say yes right away.”

It is recommended to establish comfort by saying the phrase of refusal to be able to use it in the future. This can be done by practising saying the phrase multiple times. Asking for some time to think before taking a decision can be helpful when approached with a task.

“There’s gotta be something in it for you, for you to say yes in the first place.”  

 When thinking about it, it is important to consider some long-term benefit that can be obtained from it. Letting go of another task before agreeing to a new one prevents one from getting overloaded with work.

 Dr Dike Drummond shares some tips to help physicians refuse tasks and be comfortable while doing so. It can help them create some space for their own life amongst their busy schedule.

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