Importance of Relaxation Therapies For Caregivers

Original Publishing date: May 31, 2014
Publisher: Huffpost
Author: Judy Santamaria

While Caregiving, people can experience various feelings like stress, anger or frustration to name a few. Relaxation techniques can help curb these feelings.

Family caregivers often feel that they cannot find the time to engage in such activities, particularly if it means they’d be leaving their loved one alone. It falls upon the caregivers to manage their routine tasks while also prioritizing time for themselves for the sake of their own health and well-being. Techniques to reduce stress and improve well-being will be best utilized when they can be done in the home.

“While I wouldn’t say I’ve become a master at meditating, it does help me to visualize myself as a competent caregiver, and to be mindful that that my brother is fighting with me because he feels vulnerable, dependent and afraid. ”

This article explores the effect of stress on our physical well-being and how relaxation techniques can help control these effects. This importance is highlighted with the example of a behavioural health nurse who introduces certain relaxation techniques to a caregiver going through stress.

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