Insights For Parents Of Children With Special Needs

Publisher: – The resource for the diability community
Author: Dr. Darla Clayton

Each parent who has a child with special needs goes through challenges of different kinds but are united in the purpose of providing the best care for the child. The author, Dr. Darla Clayton is a Coach and psychologist and also has a son who has cerebral palsy. She identified her son’s strengths which lay in adaptive sports and was inspired to form a company that provides sport specific training and opportunities for children with disabilities.

While dealing with challenges everyday, Dr Darla as a caregiver has not lost sight of her identity and continues to make time for herself and her interests. While caregivers continue to be the superhero for their loved one, the superhero also needs to take a step back and put up their feet .Even superheroes need to recharge!

There are a few things these parents need to hear. They need to feel that they are not alone and it’s okay to think a little about themselves. She mentions the top insights of dealing with caring needs, handling others, maintaining relationships as well as other aspects of psychological, social and spiritual well-being.

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