Internships At Caregiver Saathi

The year 2019 was filled with energetic interns at Caregiver Saathi. We had a wonderful and brilliant mixed group of students from Grade 12, Oberoi International School – Vrinda Chetuvetty, Aryan Ruia, Angelina Robertson and Dhriti Chauhan , we also had another intern from JBCN international school, Angel Sharma and post graduate students Siddhant Singh, Shazia Shaikh, Mansi Pase and Hinet Patil.

The video features a few of the interns and their experience and what they learnt from the internship.

An internship at Caregiver Saathi is an opportunity for young adults to experience the challenges and workings of a startup in the social development space for healthcare. An intern gets the space to learn a wide variety of organizational aspects and an opportunity to contribute to the building of the organization. They also get guidance on building their careers with diverse learning opportunities.

We are always looking for enthusiastic young adults who wish to learn, challenge themselves and have the desire to make an impact in terms of social change.

To apply for an internship, please send in your resume to [email protected]

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