L&T Nirali Charitable Hospital- Caregiver Training Program- Summary Report(4 Nov, 2019)

As part of our ongoing Caregiver Education and Support Program in collaboration with Nirali, A M Naik Charitable Health care facility Centre, Powai, the second session was held on 4th November 2019. The objective is to educate and help primary caregivers of Dialysis and Renal care patients to improve their well-being.

Caregiver Saathi provides a platform for caregivers to deal with their challenges while also feeling supported and cared for. The program has 12 monthly modules to build resilience and improve the 8 elements of wellbeing. It incorporates various therapies and a support group development program to enable guidance, experience and emotional support from each other.

This time, along with Caregivers, we also included some healthcare service providers, to facilitate mutual appreciation and understanding. This session focused on the importance of physiological wellbeing and how to improve it.

Generally, it is difficult for individuals to speak in a larger group, especially with new people and therefore, 5 small groups were formed to ensure more participation and interaction. We used Art therapy (Mandala Colouring) to encourage teamwork and interaction with fellow caregivers. This also enabled the participants to engage in a physical activity to distract themselves from day-to-day challenges.  This brought out the value of physical activity as a mode of rejuvenation.

This was followed by another activity- mind map, to help the participants identify people in their circle who could be of help to them. They made a map of all the people they could rely on across varying degrees of separation and ability to help. Then as a group we discussed about our real/ imaginary perceptions about help and how to acknowledge that help comes in different forms. The group recognized that it is important to take help in the amount, form and timing that it is offered and not be limited to defining help very rigidly. The Caregiver Saathi app allows allocating tasks and organizing oneself. Taking help frees time and energy to allow a focus on their physiological health.

In the last part we focused on the importance of diet, nutrition and exercise for the patient and the caregiver. Caregiving leads to a change in lifestyle to accommodate the needs of the patient. This implies a need for care in diet and nutrition like reducing fats and sugar. The need to provide better care also creates a shortage of time for the caregiver’s exercise routine. We also discussed some options and solutions to ensure self-care and enable better patient-care.

After the session, we discussed feedback on the session among the organizers. This allowed us to plan for the different needs of participants that emerged including the importance of increasing awareness for organ donation.

The next session will focus on Financial wellbeing.

Financial well-being can be defined as when a person can fully meet current financial obligations, feel secure in their financial future and is able to make choices that allow living a fulfilled life. The legal aspect includes knowledge about one’s own legal rights and about what belongs to oneself whether it is acquired through legal/ illegal ways and the risk of any future legal concerns.

If you are a dialysis patient caregiver, do attend and if you are a well-wisher of such a caregiver, then do let them know.

Register to join the next session by calling Mansi at 9821433312, 8850252190.

Date & Time- 9th December, 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Venue: L&T Nirali AM Naik Charitable Hospital, Powai.

Please note that there are no charges associated with the session.


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