L&T Nirali Charitable Hospital- Caregiver Training Program on 28th September – Summary Report

“Caregiver Education and Support Program”

We have organized a Caregiver Education and Support Program in collaboration with Nirali, A M Naik Charitable Health care facility Centre, Powai.

The objective is to educate and help primary caregivers of Dialysis and Renal care patients to improve their well-being and improve the quality of care that they provide.

Being a caregiver of a person with life-limiting, life-long condition can seem like a long lonely journey. As caregivers, they are stressed, anxious and fearful. They constantly struggle to find solutions through medical treatment which is often only one part of the overall challenge. We, at Caregiver Saathi, create a platform and spaces so that they feel supported and cared for.

This education program is being delivered over a series of 12 monthly modules to build resilience and improve the 8 elements of well – being. The program includes inputs from medical practitioners, counselors and trainers from various disciplines. It also incorporates various therapies and a support group development program to enable guidance, experience and emotional support from each other.

The kick-off meeting was on 28th September and well attended. We gave them an introduction to the purpose and importance of this training program. This session focused on understanding resilience and the 8 elements that contribute to the overall wellbeing of the patient and the caregiver.

The session started with guided meditation. Then a nephrology expert presented the caregivers with medical inputs on the condition, causes and treatment options.This was followed by questions and answers.

Next, the participants were introduced to the 8 elements of well-being. The last part of the program was an interactive session with the caregivers to understand their journey. We discussed briefly about one of the elements of well being which will be the focus for the next session. Caregivers set goals for themselves after understanding and to build participation. We closed the session with a mindfulness session.

The next session will focus on improving the Physiological Well-being of Primary caregivers.

Physiological well-being refers to one’s physical being and its response to different situations/events taking place around and/or within them. It encompasses the healthy functioning of one’s body which includes taking care of their immunity, fitness, nutrition and ultimately maintaining a fine balance of body and mind in totality.

If you are a dialysis patient caregiver, do attend and if are a well-wisher of such a caregiver, then do let them know.

Register to join the next session by calling Mansi at 9821433312, 8850252190.

Date and time : 25th October 2019; 2:00-4:00 PM

Venue: L&T Nirali AM Naik Charitable Hospital, Powai.

Please note that there are no charges associated with the session.

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