Palliative Care Resources

List of Individual Practitioners: SR No. Name Work Location Contact Number Email Adress 1  Dr Leena Gangoli Elder Care and Pallitative Care, 15/10 Talmakiwadi,Coop.                                                Hsg Society, Tardeo Road,                          Mumbai 400 007. 9892842702 [email protected] 2 Dr Mohani Santosh Waghmare Dhanwantari Pain […]

Guidelines for Various Communities to Reduce the Transmission of COVID-19

The pandemic has now become our new normal. Schools, workplaces, religious institutions,  hospitals, etc have to make adjustments and tweak their plans to adapt to the situation at hand.  Here are some steps to be followed by various communities to reduce and/or deal with the  transmission on the basis of the severity:    1.Schools: On the basis of severity, schools need to take precautions like forming emergency plans, encouraging staff and students who are ill and/or at risk to stay at home, making plans for distance learning, disinfecting surfaces, minimizing gatherings, etc. 2.Individuals at home: Depending on the stage of transmission in one’s locality one should plan to telework, keep extra supplies of essentials like medicines, make emergency plans, communicate with others regularly, etc.   3. Community and Faith Based Organisations: At different stages of transmission plans to provide help to people while minimizing contact, disinfecting surfaces, keeping hand hygiene supplies, avoiding large gatherings, conducting events […]