Reel Caregiving: Glimpses of Caregiving – A Separation

Movie Review Courtesy: Carol Saldanha

Simin wants to go abroad with her family so that her daughter can have a better future. But Nader, her husband, refuses since he is the caregiver of his father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. After Simin decides to separate, he is left alone to care for his sick father and his daughter.
The story shows the impact of caregiving on personal relationships and how difficult it is when one has to do it alone.

Nader finds it difficult to be both a caregiver and an employee so he hires Razieh as a caretaker. While employing her, Nader had no idea that she was pregnant, but Razieh chose to take up the job because she needed the money. He is unhappy with Razieh’s work and feels the pressure of being responsible for his father. One day he finds his father tied to the bed in a bad condition and rushes him to the hospital. He is enraged when he learns that it is Razieh’s doing. When Razieh loses her baby, Nader is charged with murder for pushing her down the stairs.

While Nader fights for himself in court, he is forced to take his father along as there is nobody to take care of him. Simin who lives at her mother’s place then decides to care for his sick father. His physiological well-being as well as his work-life balance is affected as he has no choice but to care for his father, keep up with his work, and attend court proceedings.

The movie shows how Nader single-handedly cares for his father, goes to work, and helps his daughter in her studies. He is often shown helpless and crying because he doesn’t want to leave his father but being a caregiver has cost him his family.

Nader’s, Simin’s, and their daughter’s emotional well-being are impacted since the pressures of caregiving put a strain on their relationship. Their daughter was also torn between choosing to stay with her mother or father after they agreed to separate.

The story portrays a realistic depiction of how caregiving can affect other members of the family. Sometimes, caregivers are left with a hard choice to make. It shows that well-wishers of the caregiver need to understand the emotions and struggles a caregiver goes through and just be there to minimize their stress as much as possible. Even when caregivers feel they are capable of doing everything on their own, this is the time they need their loved ones the most.

This movie is available to watch on Netflix and Amazon prime

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