Reel Caregiving: Glimpses of Caregiving – Piku

Piku is the story of a daughter (Piku) who is a caregiver to her father (Bhaskar), who is known for being obsessed with his constipation issues. While there are many instances of caregiving the movie also shows the bond between them in a light-hearted way. As a daughter who lost her mother at an early stage of her life, Piku has to take up the responsibilities of both herself and her father.

The movie depicts Piku as a hardworking young woman, who is finding it difficult to manage her profession and her dad’s health issues. Bhaskar seems to be very cautious about his health but at the same time believes that he is fit and fine. Piku’s father is portrayed as a very straightforward and harsh person who is not often liked by the people from the locality. These situations seem to affect Piku’s social wellbeing as she is afraid, she will end up having no good relations with people around. As a caregiver to her old father, Piku tends to find it difficult to take some time for herself. However, when she tries to socialize and build connections with people, they appear to step away from her, as she is unable keep her mind off her dad’s issues. These situations also make it difficult for her to make friends and have a social life.

In spite of having a clear work-life balance, Piku doesn’t seem to be comfortable sharing her dad’s indigestion issues at her work. As a young and single woman, Piku has to also deal with many social stigmas from both the society and her family about getting married at the right age according to them.

Many a time we notice a sense of frustration felt by Piku, which is due to the kind of life she is living. Absence of a social life and being forced to follow her father’s choices seem to affect her psychological and spiritual wellbeing largely. On the contrary, there are many scenes in the movie, that depicts the love and compassion a daughter has for her father when she expresses how much she loves him irrespective of all his issues and how she notices the similarity in each of their behavior. The grief felt by Piku, after her father’s death is quite evident. Once she recovers from this stage, she realizes she has to live a life of her own and make the best out of it.

In our next segment on Reel Caregiving, we will explore caregiving in another movie. Watch this space!

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