Running For A Cause – Caregiver Saathi

Rohit Unni and Tirthankar Patnaik ran the ‘Satara Marathon’ on August 25, 2019 to create awareness for caregivers, and raising funds for our organization that is working for caregivers.

We are very grateful to them for shining the light on caregivers who are the gentle warriors in everyday life, in pretty much every home yet invisible, unrecognized, underappreciated and under-served…

In Rohit Unni’s words,

“Running with passion for what I am passionate about! Support my cause as caregiving is invisible, unrecognized, underappreciated, undeserved and de-prioritized. I have seen the stark reality of a caregiver’s struggle from close quarters, with many family members and friends. This is my way of supporting Caregiver Saathi, be a saathi to caregivers by promoting this great initiative through my runs

I run because I love not just crossing the finish line, but the journey. Running is about the sweat in my hair, the blisters in my feet, frozen spit in my chin, nausea in my gut, throbbing calves and cramps at night that are strong to wake the dead. It’s about getting out of the door and running when the rest of the world is dreaming, about having the passion you need to live each day. There is only one life and it is this one and there is only this heart & it is full and giving.”

Rohit Unni, is very passionate about running and has been supporting Caregiver Saathi for over a year. He works with UTI Asset Management. This time he was also accompanied by Tirthankar Patnaik who is Chief Analyst with National Stock Exchange

If you would like to support our organization and it’s efforts…

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