Staying Safe After Discharge: Covid Patients


Publisher: Government Medical College & Hospital, Sector 32
Authors: Prof. Ravi Gupta, Prof. Jyoti Kathwal, Dr. Sonali Shamdasani

Being Safe At Home: Page 1

All the instructions to maintain good health after being discharged from the hospital are mentioned here. Some of these are monitoring temperature regularly and being isolated from others. The necessity for social distancing even after getting COVID-19 are clearly mentioned and emphasised upon. The importance of sanitization and keeping good hygiene are also displayed.

Washing Clothes and Washing Hands: Page 5

The methods to handle clothes and bedding are stated here such as washing clothes in hot water and handling them using gloves. The way to wash your hands thoroughly is displayed using a picture and the different times to wash your hands such as after coughing, or touching surfaces are mentioned.

Wearing Masks: Page 9

The proper way to wear masks are shown, their necessity is repeated, and when they need to be disposed are also specified.

Managing Waste: Page 13

Proper waste management is described and methods such as burning waste or disposing of them to biomedical waste management facilities are pointed out.

Important Lifestyle Changes: Page 14

Our management of food is very important, as food is something that we put into our body, and the methods to handle them are mentioned such as washing them with baking powder and water. Food and drink that help build our immunity – such as golden milk are also indicated on this document. It also confirms that unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking should be avoided. Fitness, exercise and relaxation is also said to be a must to keep our body healthy during this time.

Breathing Exercises: Page 18

Doing yoga and other breathing exercises can keep our lungs healthy and some of these exercises are described on this page. Some examples of these exercises are blowing a balloon, spirometer exercise and diaphragm breathing.

AYUSH Guidelines: Page 23

The Ministry of Ayush also provides some methods to boost immunity for self-care. In this, ayurvedic treatments and tips such as nasal application of coconut oil, drinking herbal tea, oil pulling therapy and steam inhalation with mint leaves are mentioned. If you would like any more information regarding these guidelines visit this website:

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