Talking About Death And Learning to Deal With It Better

Original Publishing Date – May 7, 2020
Publisher – The Asian Age
Author – Neil Pate

“The whole death over dinner conversation is designed as an uplifting, interactive adventure that transforms this difficult conversation into one of deep engagement and empowerment.” 

Death is inevitable and instead of avoiding the conversation, talking about it can have a cathartic effect. It is important to have a healthy conversation on death because when it finally approaches, people will be able to deal with it better. Krittika Sharma, director of Death Over Dinner, has organized many such conversations where different people come together for dinner and talk about death, either of their loved ones or their own. Talking about death can be uncomfortable at first but when people with similar experiences come together, there is a shared understanding.

“We need to make conversations about death natural and not forced.”

Though it is a sensitive subject, talking about one’s death provides an opportunity for the individual to know what they want their end to be like. It must not be looked upon as a tragedy but a reason to understand life better. Having a conversation on death can give a person new insights on how to deal with it with love and understanding.

Having a Living will can be beneficial when one reaches the end of their life. Planning for it now can help later when you cannot make your own decisions. It is equally important for caregivers to talk about death when their loved one is at the end of their life. It ensures that an individual can live their last days, months, or years as they desire.

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